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War on Terror - Chasing Ghosts?

In '01 dubya declared a War on Terror. The purpose of this 'war' was supposed to be chasing down Al-Qaeda and punish them for their terrorist attacks on US soil. He seems to have made a slight oversight, though: The majority of all terrorist attacks on US soil in the past several decades were not carried out by Muslim extremists. They were carried out by fanatical Christian terrorists, who make the KKK look positively moderate by comparison. Additionally, the methods employed in this war, and the choice of targets, have arguably strengthened the Al-Qaeda. And to boot, the human and economic cost of dubya's strategy are inarguably greater than the cost of taking no action at all.

So, the question is: Has dubya launched an expensive campaign against a foe that isn't even the main problem? Even if the aim is correct, are his methods working? And is the whole thing a paranoid overreaction?

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