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Originally posted by Orca Wail

... that a compliment...?





... yes.. .. i thought it would be better than ooooooh.. aaaaahhhh.. look at this beautyful deathgirl. you're really one goodlooking babe.. with beeaaauuuutiful sunglasses datemedatemedateme!

ok .. next try..

did i mention before that i am also somehow are addicted to braids .. isnt this a handmade braid you have there?? .. BOOOAAAH!! *speechless*

AND i am PROUD of MY drawing styyyyle! TY!
YESH!!!! of course you are.. and why not.. it's kinda FASCINATING..

we should make a "post a HANDDRAWN picture" thread. i'm getting sick of all those "photoshop-standard-cutandpasteplusfadeandshadeabit-works"..

really .. that is one cool character

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