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Wink murder

I saw someone doing this on a Buffy website. I dont know their exact rules but it should be fine this way.

First we decide who wants to play here. Just make a post that says that you want to.
Then when we have a few players, Ill PM one of you to tell you that you are the killer.
Then the rest have to guess who the killer is.

-The killer can PM one player a day to tell them they are dead.
-If someone dies, they have to leave a post to say that they have been killed. It can be a little story if you like of how you were brutally murdered.
-Dead people can not guess and can not leave clues (or blatantly say who did it). They are out.
-If you want to guess who the killer is, make a post to accuse. If you are wrong then you are out. You can not guess again, but you can be killed.
-Once the killer has been guessed. We can start a new round with the killer choosing the new killer.

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