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Exclamation BETA TEST: Bast Castle SIEGE

Hi All,

I am seeking 6 additional testers to play test my Bast Castle SIEGE map. As I would like to make this map as polished and professional & fun as possible.


(See this thread for more info & screenshots)

Testers will be required to test the map for technical issues and more importantly sort out problems related to playability - Objective completion, chokepoints on map, team balance etc.
I specifically require people who are willing to test as a team - communicate with others in the team and bring all the issues to my attention for fixing / altering / adjustment.
A readme will be posted to successful testers detailing my exact testing needs - as well as issues I am already aware of.
A FAST internet connection would be helpful.

I AM NOT looking for people who are only interested in downloading the map early (Especially since it still contains many minor things that require adjustment/fixing)

Since Andy867 has been kind enough to host the map for download and set up a server, it will be primarily up to him to choose testers.
Priority will go to people who have tested reliably for us before...

However, if anyone else is willing to host the map on a server for testing, (and tha map for download) I think we may be able to open up a second team of 6.

ALL feedback on the map should be posted to this thread.

A list of testers will be posted when all positions have been filled.
The next round of testing will begin next week as I am currently adding some fixes and changes to the current map that Andy867 & I tested last night.

Thankyou for your help.


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