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2000$ Hamburgers

Since the American Presidential Campaign is coming, I've figured starting something that has nothing to do with Liberals vs Conservatists and Democrats vs Republicans.

This "stupidity" involves all the political parties. They seem to all do that. I was watching a show on TV last night and they were talking about the 2000$ Hamburgers for the financing of the Bush presidential campaign. I'm sure the Democrats are doing something similar. Now, after talking about the 2000$ hamburgers, they switched to an Archibishop(or something like that I can't remember his rank in the Catholic clergy) who was talking about the people needing food in Haĩti.

Now, is it normal to give 2000$ to a political party when people around the world are starving(and for reasons outside their control)?
Is it normal to give 2000$ to an already rich politician so he can finance his campaign?
Wouldn't that 2000$ be better spent on something more important then financing a political party?

I understand the importance of the political system but seriously, you must already have a LOT of money if you want to go into politics and then you have all the members of your party already giving you money.

Is even requesting money from people for your political party justified? Should it be banned?

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