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H'lena: We aren't here to put things right. We never were. We're here to stop a god. If we don't focus on that, we're sure to fail. We aren't the keepers of these people.

Trael: Yet the Aeges are, and we are their agents.

H'lena: They didn't send ask us to set things right. I won't stop any of you from trying to rewrite what you don't like about this past...I'll just point out here and now that it won't work. Whatever's happened will happen regardless of anything else. Time is like a river; it will always get to the sea of fate no matter how much you reroute it.

Che`: Unless you have a "Time Matrix"?

H'lena: Even if that story is true---

Rwos: ---It is---

H'lena: ---it's pretty obvious we don't have a Time Matrix. Nor do the Aeges, or they would use it rather than us. So what I said still stands.

Rwos: I wouldn't count on anything. Clearly the past can be changed. Whether or not we can do that is not the point. The Aeges sent us to stop Shunaria. We can assume we have a fighting chance, or they wouldn't have sent us.

H'lena: Like I said, stopping Shunaria is the point. Let's go.

*She heads back for the portal*

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