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Aidan: I don't need to morph. I can already fly.



Misae: I sense fear. Everywhere. I can only assume Heimdall and the two aliens are doing this. Something like this could only be the work of a powerful artifact of the Dark Side, but I don't sense anything like that.

Guy: The magic trail they've left says otherwise. It's dissipated too much to track it from the ground. Like water in a vast desert... However, if I get my ship we may be able to track them from the air.

Misae: What has changed them?

Guy: I assume this is part of our quest set in motion specifically to accomplish this. *He thinks* Weren't those three hanging back in the crystal cavern we passed through to get to the map room?

Misae: Yes...but so was Ellela...

Guy: No, she never entered that cavern. Those crystals all contain various types of magic. Maybe the crystals are the key here.

Misae: We've all touched the crystals, Guy. We aren't going psychotic, are we?

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