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I'm not talking about modifying existing Siege maps, I'm talking making NEW ONES.

The point is you wouldn't make a new siege map and use the same classes as in Hoth, unless that map is setup the same as Hoth.

The classes currently in the Siege maps are in there for a reason. They are balanced for the particular map.

Not only that, but you have to weigh in how you want one team to accomplish their objectives and you have to get the other team setup to counter the first team and to cover THEIR objectives (to defend them).

That's the trick.

I've seen a few Siege maps and they basically just copied the non-Jedi classes from Hoth, then gave the Jedi uber uber powers (ie: everything) that doesn't work.

Also, the skins deal is an issue.

For one thing, the way its done in Siege is so that you can INSTANTLY know what class a person is and what team they are on. If you see Chewbacca you know he's a Rebel Heavy Weapons Specialist, and not a Jedi or a Sniper or whatnot.

If you give people the ability to pick any skin (you can do so, just change the override line in the scl file for the class and you can pick any skin using the console) then that means you can have entire teams using the same skin or any skin at all. It gets confusing.

Maybe you could go with colored skins, that's an idea, but again it isn't necessary in Siege, because it's always setup so that the characters go with their team (ie: Rebels on the Rebel Team, Merc aliens on the Mercenary team, and Imperials and Dark Jedi bad guys on the Imperial team). Plus you have the Team Beacons over your teammates heads and you have their symbols on your radar so you always know.

Incidentally, the "custom Jedi" (Twilek Females, Zabrak Females, Kel Dor Males, Human males) can all be tweaked a bit in Siege already.

You can change their outfit colors using the char_color_red (or blue or green) things for example.

Giving a couple of models to choose from would be okay, but I'm not sure how you'd do that. Right now the classes are setup so that either you can use ANY SKIN AT ALL or else it force you to use one particular skin.

Setting up a Counter-Strike esque "buying" thing would be interesting, but you'd probably have to do that in code since the option isn't there already.

Of course are you going to make it so that the winning team gets more and more points and thus the losing team gets further and further behind?

Though it sounds more like you're suggesting the non-Jedi should get "item points" instead of Force points (like the Jedi) that they can use to buy weapons or items or possibly "weapon loadouts" like you have in JA single player before a mission.

That's interesting and again you'd have to do some coding to get that in there probably.

Anyway, like I said, the point of this is to get some ideas for future siege maps, not modding the current Siege maps.

If you want to just do classes like how the current maps do them it's VERY EASY all you have to do is edit a few text files and you're done. Test and make sure it's balanced and you're set!

I suppose another way to "choose stuff" would be a setup like what Jedi Knight did, that is have a "lobby" that you all start in, then you choose a room (which teleports you someplace else) where you can get the equipment you want or something.

Of course the trouble is that as the mission goes on you respawn in different areas so a dead character wouldn't keep his old equipment (only what he spawned with).

But I guess you could drop respawning weapons caches at various points for people to pickup (normally in Siege there are no pickupable items except the occasional objective like the Access Codes, ie: there's no ammo or weapon pickups, just recharge stations).

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