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Originally posted by SkinWalker
Doubtful. My position on evil has always been that it is defined by the observer and often shared by those of the same culture. Evil is, however, subjective and not necessarily a clearly definable concept from one culture to the next.

Having said that, my intention is to define the evils of the Bush admin as I see it in order to share that information with others of my culture.

Honestly, I had to read that a couple of times to infer the meaning but if you are implying that Bush was responsible for the favorable nature of the jobless rate, which would have been worse if another had been President, perhaps you could explain the reasoning.

What actions made the jobless rate so good and what inactions are you sure that another President would have failed at?

Avoiding the war to begin with would have been a good start. Recovery from the attacks on NYC and accomplishment of the anti-terrorist mission should have been first.
First I was saying if Bush had done nothing those numbers would have been worse, since he did do something those numbers were smaller.
2nd We got attacked by terrorist, we didn't attack them looking for a fight. They have been getting slaps on the rist, I think after hitting the WTC means the slap didn't do anything.
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