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Originally posted by KMan
There is a link to this in the thread second from the top. That's why it isn't stuck anymore.
Ah right, yeh thats tidier.

Well, I thought I'd come back here for my 1000th post, being as this is why I came to LF in the first place, for all the help provided in the JO mapping forum. Seems kinda weird to see it so empty these days, if hardly surprising with most people having moved to JA mapping. Ah, its like some kind of forum archaeology digging through the layers of this thread to find ancient ideas and problem fixes from people, some of whom have vanished from the editing World. Seems just a little sad how people all congregate in one place for a while then go their seperate ways, but a time spanning thread like this helps to tie it all together. I think I forgot why I came to LF in the first place at some point, but its good to be reminded. If you ever check this Rich, thanks, and thanks to everyone who helped in this thread. Ah, nostalgia

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