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H'lena: It's a matter of priorities. They can lead their own armies - but we have a common foe, don't we?

A'melie: We should work together with them. It doesn't seem right to leave them like this.

Che`: No, our place isn't with a mass of armies. It's alone, facing the perils that they'll never want to see, and will never need to once we're through. We ought to be planning on doing more than just stop Shunaria. Elizabeth, Kvana and K'Warra must fall first, and their Starkiller freed...

H'lena: We're not here to uphold a heroic ideal. We're here to kill a god. If we toy around we put our mission at risk.

Trael: Perhaps we ought to ask them if they desire our help before coming to any conclusions on whether we will offer it.

*He looks towards the portal they'd passed back through; others are returning*

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