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Originally posted by MennoniteHobbit

OK, Bush helped us get through 9/11, did he not? He did, so doesn't he have the right to say how he helped us through? Just a thought.
What is important is that the families of the 9/11 victims find the ads controversial and unappropriate. These people do not want to be reminded of the incident any more than it already has been. They have every right to protest anything that causes them sorrow, pain, etc. If the FCC has the right to limit the content upon the radio and TV, the public should equally also have that right.

As for the economy, it is still a jobless one.
American businesses added a meager 21,000 jobs in February, the government said, stunning analysts and shattering short-lived hopes for an end to the three-year jobs drought. The unemployment rate was stuck at 5.6 percent.
Even though the economy may be recovering, middle and lower class citizens are still out of work and without income, suggesting that the benefits of this so-called "recovery" are going to the upper class and corporations. How are tax cuts going to help when the people don't even have the money to pay their taxes?
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