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Originally posted by SkinWalker
What our economy has trouble dealing with, however, is a trillion dollar deficit and unfair tax advantages for the wealthy while the under-privilaged get enough tax incentive to buy a week's worth of groceries and see a movie. A trillion dollar deficit + billions of dollars fighting the wrong enemy is not a worthwhile reason to tank the economy.
Hell, I can barely afford the groceries, much less the damn movie.

Last time I went job hunting (during the Clinton admin when I was in High School[I've been working since I graduated last June]), I got several call backs(actually, almost all were callbacks). Wanna know how many I had last year? One.

At the moment, I'm stuck at a minimum wage seasonal job(oh, and the season ends this month, giddy), and I bet finding another one come end time will be a sad site indeed, and I blame Bush's ineffectiveness in recovering the economy after 9/11. I was a Bush supporter after 9/11, but after the war went on for about, oh 3 days, I realized what his agenda was ALL about; and for that agenda, see my previous post.
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