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Scorate (pron. Sworet)

Scorate, a planet slightly small than Coruscant existed a bit beyond the Outer Rim. It is an isolated planet and thus, very few have ventured into it's atmosphere. It consists of 94% sea and 6% land. The land is divided into many diffrent islands. Most of theseislands are usually forests and jungles but the island of Gonbiy is the only desert island. The weather of Scorate is often stormy. The monsoon on Scorate lasts about 6 Earth months. The spring takes two months and the summer, three. So the planet has 11 Earth Months.

Scorate remained unknown to the Old and New Republic, but the Empire knew of it. During the foundation of the Empire, an Adventure Ship stumbled upon this unknown planet. The ship crossed paths when they were in hyperspace with this planet. The ship managed to send a small transmission to the main ship about the planet, however the ship smashed straight into the planet, creating the Explorer Trench.

The Empire kept watch on Scorate, but emergencies and battles against the Rebels broke the connection with Scorate. As the empire fell, the captain of the head ship wrote about Scorate in his journal. After the fall of the Empire, the Remnants were constantly moving in search of planets to make a base. Finally, a stormtrooper got his hands on the Captain's journal and his group ventured to Scorate.

The Planet was perfect for them and bases were made on it and it's surounding planets. In total, Scorate has 51 bases, 50 on land and a mega-base underwater. The other planets were used for obtaining minerals, building, constructing ships etc. There the Imperials carried out there secret plans for A new Empire. To keep the Republic at bay, the Imperials carried out missions in various places across the galaxy and prevent the Jedi from finding Scorate.

Scorate makes it's debut in "Jaden Korr-Darth Qollous" fanfic (check my sig) at Episode no. 7.

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