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Originally posted by rccar328
Personally, I thought the comercials were very well done, and I find it hard to fault President Bush for using 9/11 in a campaign add...after all, it was the defining moment of his presidency, as well as a defining moment for our nation.
I still don't see that bush did anything after 9/11 that any other US president wouldn't have done (except, didn't he not turn up for about a week to visit the site?)

Look at other disasters around the world and the reaction of the heads of state involved... what else could he have done?

Giving someone credit for doing something that is defined in the job description seems pretty generous. If by some complete fluke (or voting irregularity) a guy in a chicken costume had been elected just before 9/11 he would still have done exactly the same thing.... up to the iraq war that is.

I don't see other presidents showing pictures of themselves at earthquake sites as the bodies are pulled out in their campaigns.

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