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it had to be i did it.. if every1 can let as many people know about the website..

below is a press release..if people could help me get it to as many sites as possible..especially the sites that ran the sam & max cancellation press release Press Release website launched.

In less than a week after Lucasarts announcement that it has stopped production on Sam & Max: Freelance Police a Save Sam & Max Website has been launched. The Site is dedicated to forcing LucasArts to reverse their decision and have Sam & Max 2 finished and released. There was a lot of frustration, anger and resentment after LucasArts shock announcement and the creator of wants to "harness that in a productive way." "The campaign to get this game reinstated has just begun, as a petition approaches 10, 000 signatures, we have a picket line protest being organised to be held at LucasArts Offices in San Rafel, CA." "We also are encouraging everyone to mail their own piece of Sam & Max Fan Artwork to LucasArts to let them know their are Sam & Max Fans out there who would buy this game, contrary to whatever flawed research they have done." "I think its also time for the gaming community to take a stand and let companies like LucasArts know we want original and funny games like Freelance Police." I also challenge Mike Nelson who cancelled the game with that pathetic 2 line quote, to come out and respond to fans passionate showing of support for the game." And what does Sam & Max think of the website created to save the 6 foot dog and 3 foot rabbity thingy...

Sam - "My belief is that it represented the collective sorrow and frustration of all those whose favorite adventure game was steamrolled into the ground by cold, sterile, LucasArts."

Max - "I may weep openly"

Please help spread this press release to every gaming site, news publication possible.

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