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Here's a screenshot showing some of my work with the .git files.
It's the Upper City Cantina on Taris with GIT data overlayed.

The image is generated by taking the map image and quadrupling the size and using it as a background. My code then reads the .git file data and draws a 3x3 dot for each point. The labels were added in an image editor.

Show in the image are the locations of creatures, placeable items, waypoints, sounds, doors, map notes and trigger geometries.

The hardest part so far is getting the game coordinates to map to the image. Basically, you have to scale them by ~11.08 and add an offset so they show up in the right place. On this image, they're close, but not right on.

GIT data overlayed on map

I have to experiment with other map/GIT combinations to make sure that the code always works.

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