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Multiple Arm Attack!
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Yes! That would be great Mongo05.

Can I upload the files directly to you when it's ready???

PM me with details...

Fingers crossed it'll be done when I get home from work.

So hopefully, that will make two servers running it
Andy867' s & Mongo05's

Then two teams of six testers + anyone else the server admins want to add in.
(I'll keep it at two teams of six just so I can keep track of feedback from everyone as well as who has the map + 2 server admins makes 14)
So I think we can fit everyone

Then I guess, we'll need to set up some times for games - it's a little pointless playing by yourself on a team.
I did bot route the map just for testing purposes - though the bots don't go for the objectives. They can surprise you though!!!

Andy867 - can I upload the updated map to the same place???

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