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Troxica (pron. Throhksika)

Throxica is one of the harshest planets in the galaxy. It was situated between Endor, Hoth and Coruscant and was quite not famous because of it's harsh conditions. Throxica has no water, but 60% of it's body is covered with ice, ranging from the poles. The rest is desert or lavaland. Lavaland is a region where nothing but molten lava can be found. Strangely, the lava never cools thus, that region is considered hazardous.

There are a few natives to this hell's planet by the name of Sate (pron. Sahtey). These are tall, humanoids with a prolonged face. Their skin colour is like clay and they have very less hair. Their hair don't grow any more than 3 inches, yet they have body hair of upto 4 or 6 inches long.

Troxica was used as a secret Imperial base before the Jedi wiped it out. They never expected such harsh weather and were trapped after an army of Hazadtroopers started finishing off the Jedi one by one.

Troxica will debut in the 'Jaden Korr-Darth Qollous' fanfic (check my sign) at the Series 2. (Between episodes 10 and 20)

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