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Well... it's long distance for me too (Toronto) but if you're only on the phone for a minute and a half tops. I think it's worth it, think of it as another postage stamp for the snail mail I think the phonecalls could make an impact, but only if there is a significant amount.

I called and left a (polite-ish) message. For those that want to leave a message and do it fast:

- Call outside of the 9 AM-6 PM local time timeframe or else you might get a real live person (unless you WANT a real live person, but they could disconnect you)
- Press 1 to "Leave a Message"
- It will ask for who the message is for (e.g. Public Relations), wait for beep (takes a while), say a department or person, press *
- It will ask for your name, wait for beep (takes a while), say your name, press *
- It will ask for your phone no., wait for beep (takes a while), say your phone no., press *
- It will ask for your message, wait for beep (takes a while), ramble on for a while about what's on your mind, DON'T FORGET TO PRESS * OR YOUR MESSAGE WILL NOT SAVE (I almost forgot), it will say something about saving your message, then it will beep again, you can hang up at this point

This won't do any impact at all if I'm the only one leaving a voice message tho So c'mon people!

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