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limiting campaign funding would be a great idea. they have been talking about it for a while over here... but i don't kow if it will happen. You just know that they will be able to get around it with a bit of financial trickery.

Do the political parties get "designated" broadcast time that they don't pay for in the US? THey get something like that over here.

THere is of course also the problem that these people and companies don't donate money for no reason... they all expect to get something back. Heck, half the companies donate money to BOTH sides to make sure they get perks whoever wins.

This gives an argument for having government funded campaign... but of course people don't want to see their taxpayers cash spent on that sort of thing... although in the long run i think it might be the lesser of 2 evils.

in the meantime, one of them should propose a quick ammendment to mean that a party has to donate 25% of all money it raises to charity or something. It is indeed obscene that people are willing to donate $2000 to a politician and about $1 to charities that actially need the money.

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