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well i should be sending this to tito mail box but since he away i post it here then as a feed back.

firstly i feelt that while we can accept good or bad feedbacks,feedbacks that are saying of a particular problems let say the website cannot load(example)

it will be removed when the problem is fixed so as to take up lesser space and also to avoid u know.......ppl using feedback to say about problems on the site.etc only


it will be nice if the Staffs also participate in the forum.most of them are hanging around at forums like pcgamemods.etc so it will be nice for them to come here and help make it more active.


is Ahem...i would think is some new threads like' Staffs' screenshots/works" where
the team member post their own works of what they are working now let say Staff X is doing lv 20 so he will post some good pics he made for lv 20 .

this will keep a more up to date infomation and also get to see screenshots not in the screenshots page as it can't hold all the pics any way

Another thread will be well i think we might need to create a new thread of edit the thread wishlist to something called public ideas or wishlist.etc with the post edited to something like saying

ideas for skin,mod,map,senario to put the player through,what you like to participate in the mod (small task) and what you like to see in the mod.


sorry again new threads suggestion again i'm not starting the thread juz incase....
they are something like model skin request(something similar to mod characters)

and Editing support (or what ever you called it ) as i say this is to encourage the staffs and members to bond together,this will be the thread when the staffs mappers.etc will discuss their problem with their maps.etc and also maybe help some outsiders with their problem mapping.etc

finally ...yEa we would really like to edit our posts......(no time limit type 1 please)

*delete it if you want

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