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WHOA! Sweet. I have been thinking of how this specific thing could be done and I also thought the best way would be to use the game maps(atleast until there is a way to render an area outside of the game) But sinse I don't know how to program I didn't even consider doing it myself.

Is it possible to have x,y,z coords displayed when the map is moused over. The main thing stopping me from making any area mods is the amout of coords I would have to get from inside the game. The biggest things that are needed are being able to place waypoints, trigger areas, obejects, and NPC's. Being able to draw trigger geometry and way points is very important.

Do you know if the trigger geometry areas are used for creature encouters or is that a sepparate thing similar to Triggers?

This is really cool Fred. Is the veiwer capable of loading any git right now or just the upper Taris Cantina. I would love to get my hands on it if I could load up any area .git.
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