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The way it is currently implemented, I have to export a map with KT, resize it in an external paint program and save it, then I have to align and scale the image to the data from the .git file. The last step takes quite a bit of time, as you have to know which things are where on the original map, and make sure they show up in approximately the right place. Also, many maps have different scales in the .git; Taris Cantina is has a scale of "24" while Dantooine (m13aa) has one of "50". I can open any .GIT and see where things are, but that's the extent of it today.

Basically, the aforementioned steps would have to be done for each map, which will be rather tedious and time consuming.

Since the maps are 2D and there isn't anyway of getting the elevation (Z) from the models today, I couldn't show the Z value for the map, only for the item.

I'll keep you all posted as things progress.
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