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Our goal is to create a jedi knight standard including the materials of the star wars
movies and an original, an enjoyable mode. We can also say Expansion Pack of Jedi Knight Series to it. Most of the Models/Maps/Skins/Mods authors gave their support to us. My english is not very fluent so you can take a look at the links given below about the TC.

Other episodes
Episode VI Death Star Emperor and Vader duel
Episode VI Sarlacc
Episode IV Escape from Death Star
Episode V Darth Vader and Luke duel
Episode IV MosEisleyCantina
Episode II Geonosis Hanger
Episode I Duel 0F The Fates and more...

small cinematics...

Knights of the force Total conversion

By the way, we didn't reach some of the Models/Maps/Skins/Mods authors that we're thinking to use in the TC. I think their e-mail adresses are wrong. %95 of the authors have given permission.

We're requesting the help of volunteered star wars fans about the authors that we can not reached. If you want to help us, you can take a look at the list below. Night4554, from, is responsible for this subject.

................TOTAL CONVERSION OF JEDI KNIGHT SERIES..............

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