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Count me in, even though this sounds even more unlikely to work on a forum than a Das Mole idea. :~
no, this game isn't as bad as that...

and i'd like to play.

this sounds strikingly like the mole...a little. how about instead of the person that is killed saying they are dead, instead we make an account accessible to everyone, called "the murderer" or something. the murderer uses it when they are the killer. and every round we change the password, or you can jedi monkey, so that the previous killer can't just get in and make a fake-o post. so that with the account, the murderer can give subtle clues as they pluck off players one by one.

unless that's too much trouble. either way, count me in on the next round.

oh yeah, and what's the timeframe for this? is it one person each day? or do we have to wait until one person is eliminated and says they have been to eliminate the next one? that's why i think we should have the account. that way, we don't have to wait for someone to come around and say "oh yeah i got eliminated" or something.
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