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Originally posted by rccar328
I find it hard to fault President Bush for using 9/11 in a campaign add...after all, it was the defining moment of his presidency, as well as a defining moment for our nation.
'Defining moment for our nation' [/contemptous sneer]. Talk about a narrow-minded nation then. 9/11 was in-sig-ni-fi-cant in every definition of the term, save for the fact that dubya's been using it as an excuse to wage war on a sovereign country (without the approval of the UN), to cut back civil rights (which the republican party has been against since god-alone-knows-when), further over-inflate the military budget, and to obscure his mishandling of the (world) economy.

Besides that, how can democrats blame President Bush for using 9/11 as a campaign issue because it was a tragedy when they have no problem with Kerry using Vietnam, another tragedy, in his campaign?
J. F. Kerry is not relevant to the topic of this thread. However, there is a difference between mentioning a disaster in a speech, and showing one in technicolour.

Kerry may have been a hero during the war, but his behavior toward Vietnam vets after the war was anything but heroic.
Exactly how is it 'not heroic' to stand up to the political establishment and proclaim that you are no longer in favor of a war that you have been fighting in? How is it not heroic to admit that you have made a mistake? A mistake that made people die?

Ok ok, just because we don't find the WMD's doesn't mean they're not there. Just remember that.
"...and in the face of mountains of evidence, we shall pin all our hopes on the slimmest of doubts..." - Academician Prokhor Zakharov, "For I have tasted the fruit"

Kerry talks about how he's sooo patriotic, he got shot, and went home.
Kerry still is not the issue here.

OK, Bush helped us get through 9/11, did he not? He did, so doesn't he have the right to say how he helped us through? Just a thought.
If he can prove that he 'helped you through', and didn't just **** up.

Also, the President is not in direct control of the economy, though his plans for it do influence it. Right? I would be interested to know how the economy would be after 9/11 if Gore or Kerry was President.
Better. Giving tax cuts to the richest is money out of the window. Going into expensive, pointless wars is money out of the window. The Democrats were opposed to both.

That said, I agree with ET (for once) that 9/11 was insignificant in this respect. You just have to look at the numbers, to see that no single attack, nor any two attacks for that matter, could cause such massive problems.

Giving someone credit for doing something that is defined in the job description seems pretty generous.

BTW, Skin: WTF does GOP stand for? You've used it several times. GOvernment in Power?

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