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Originally posted by Druid Allanon
Obviously you wouldn't wanna kill people for no reason. You wouldn't have a conscience otherwise.
Yes, but what this was saying went beyond that. It was saying that even if someone was coming at you, shooting at you, trying to kill you (or possibly not, but looking like it) your subconcious mind might not let you kill them. You might even think you WERE trying to kill them, but you would be missing, and so might they.

On the firearms thing, they did say that longbows were faster, cheaper, more reliable, far quicker to reload etc.. but guns make more noise and flash and cause more fear. Of cause, this wasn't the only reason for moving to guns as they require much less training, but it may be a factor.

Its strange, becasue people alwasy think that on some primal level people are animals and wanting to kill each other, but it turns out that on a primal level we are exactly the opposite. Survival of the species is the driving factor, not your own survival.

if you think abou it, this actually matches with the animal kingdom, as there are very few species that don't go out of their way to not kill each other, even if they are killing every other species.

good thing we have now evolved to the stage where we can be trained to overrule our natural tendancies to not kill each other.

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