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Just some feedback concerning your KSE.

I have the same problem as Goran.

I first used the editor to change class when I was on Tatoine and now, each time I use the Galaxy map to go to another planet my PC is locked into a wing of the Ebon Hawk with that unusable "cut scene" thing. The only way I can get out is by warping to another area, which can be pretty annoying. At that time I didn't make the link with the editor so I reinstalled the game but I noticed that the problem came back when I used the editor again. ( I didn't tried those weird force powers).

This time I used the editor to change class (soldier to guardian) on the Endar Spire and I have this problem leaving the Endar Spire and Taris. I tried changing back to soldier and it works fine but then if I want to go back to the Guardian class i have to reedit all the force powers.

If those problems could be solved, your editor would be a great tool since it allows to configure our party as we wish. It's also the most user friendly editor I've seen for Kotor.
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