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the (un)OFICIAL LA BOYCOT action

Hello folks,
First of all I'd like to say that I'm very shocked too with this very bad news.
And I'm happy to see that actions (like the petition) are going fine.
... for now.
Thats the problem, we are all very upset.. but as LucasArts ignores our demand for Sam & Max 2 we will start to loosen our confidence and stop doing wathever we do to try to get S&M2 on the shelves.
So here's the first thing that all fans should do;
- register an acount on the LucasArts forums and start doing your thing. And don't stop doing it until we get some serious replies (not the ones we get like "these forums are for support only")
Other things we should do are:
-Write mails to computer magazines, including the URL to th petition and friendly ask to boycot LucasArts;
-How low it might be, start spamming LA. As they don't know common sense this -IS- the only way to get to them;
-Don't just spam their forums as they might ignore them, spam their e-mail adresses, real mail-boxes and application forms;
-We'll have to be sure our mails get there, there's a possiblity that they put their e-mail filters on words like "sam" or "max".
So when that time comes we'll have to figure a way to get to them with other things

I have already mailed (for the Benelux), pcGameplay (Belgian magazine) and GameSpy to distribute the URL to the petition

There might be little hope.. but hey I just saw the matrix
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