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this is something that they sent by mail to the iniciator of the online petition (it was posted on adventure gamers forums):

"well i just got done converting the hole entire petition to MSword to mail out. it's about 550 pages + a little more.
Now the good news. i just got a letter from Ronda at LucasArts. it says

"Hi Brandon -

We are aware of the online petitions and I have received your numerous updates.
As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision for LucasArts to make. We
are reading the many emails being sent in and management is fully informed of
the number and sentiment of these messages. I personally very much have
always appreciated the support from the many fans of our adventure games and
regret that the current games market led to this decision. Rest assured, your
voices are being heard.


i should be sending out the petition in the mail by friday. it's going to cost me about 50 dollers to print it all (i'm going to take it to the local libray. it's only aobut 5 sence a page.) should onlty cost about 30 bucks but i have a fealing i'm guna be running of a few copys."

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