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H'lena: Wrong. We are here to deal with Shunaria, not the Avatars. K'Warra will be with Elizabeth, and we have to get to him. He knows what's happening with Shunaria. And maybe you've forgotten that the Blades are taking Elizabeth's sister to confront her themselves?

Rwos: If the Blades are going to take care of Elizabeth, then maybe we should free the Avatars. We may only get in their way. The Blades know everything we know about K'Warra in this time period. We don't know when or if Shunaria will be appearing. K'Warra will still be there when the Avatars are freed...

*A voice speaks from the entrance of the room* Irrelevant.

*The tatooed, robed, armored man who had addressed the Mrearan gathering walks from the shadows*

Man: The battle is of no consequence. Your two missions are one. As the covenant of Mrearish villains and unholy armies of the magic planes march out from Elizabeth's seat of power, Elizabeth, K'Warra, and their two vampire cohorts will be performing a ritual to force Shunaria to appear in this plane of reality. We don't know what they intend to do with him once he is here, but we do know this: the spell to summon Shunaria requires immense power. The power of a god, or perhaps two godlings...Avatars.

Che`: Use the power of god souls to summon the power to control a god? Clever...

Man: ...Yes. Clever. If that's the way you wish to think of it. Our enemies know every second counts. The more power Shunaria devours, the harder it will be to subvert it, even for a moment. If they do not act now, they may never get the chance. The same can be said for us.

Our plan is this: While our enemies are in the midst of their ritual, Shunaria will be squeezed in between two planes of reality, in both but in neither at once. He will be vulnerable at this point as he has never been before. If we stop the ritual at this point, the resulting rapid diffusion of power may be enough to destroy the Old One.

Man: *to Rwos* You, stranger, are a Blade. You wear strange clothing, but it bears our insignias. I do not know how this comes to be, but I know that you will help us.

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