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Originally posted by [ONE]Mushroom
Forget about MSVC on Linux. You only need a text editor (e.g. Emacs or vi), "make" and "gcc", all of which you should already have.

Use the tar command line application to untar, type man tar to get help.

There are probably GUI tools you could use to do this too, depending on what desktop you use.

Compile using the make command (man make). Using the makefile you have from Trimbo's SDK, make will use the gcc compiler, which you should already have.

This isn't really the place to be asking Linux questions, try searching for Linux newbie sites. There are some beginner lessons on
Thanks for your info.
Now I have some questions:
1.How do I know if I already have a text editor (e.g. Emacs or vi), "make" and "gcc"?
2. Do I need to untar anything if I'm just going to use the tools that I should already have?
3. How do I use the makefile I have from Trimbo's SDK, and use the gcc compiler to compile and make a .so file?
4. Do I type "man make" in the "Konsole"?

Thanks in advance.

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