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Originally posted by tk102
Goran, Darth333 -
Thanks for your feedback. In regards to the cutscenes failings, I believe the scripts associated with some cutscene objects are faulting out for some reason. Hopefully I can trace down the root cause.

As for the gender changing -- is there a chance you may be working with a corrupted savegame or maybe have the editor open at the same time as swkotor.exe? Could you send an email to me detailing the problem as best you can recall -- see the readme.txt for email address.
Man these forums are running slow today.

Ok as for the cut scenes I was able to by pass them by using a difent gender mod.

As for the editor... I was playing a female char, and trying to use the Both gender option.

I am still uncertain as to why it was happening, but the new gender mod I am using seems to be wroking so far. I have only made to Dantooine so far.

But I am using the other features of your editor such as give feats, skills etc. and it's working fine.

I'll let you know if I need to change back to a soldier when I leave Dantooine.
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