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Thumbs up Great job on the petition

Thanks for taking the time to push the petition, getting a response from the head of PR is a good sign. I wonder if their email address is getting flooded with sam and max fan mail?

We just need to keep the fan response going to them. Channel all the good vibes on productive stuff.

I know of 5 things that are being tried by many die hard fans in no particular order of success:

1. email
2. pickett protest at the San Rafael office
3. snail mail campaign to send fan images asking for the sequel
4. 13000 + sigs petition
5. preordering from EBGAMES (my shameless plug) - as their policy states - you will not be charged for the purchase until 1-5 days before the day of the release. No money up front and no money spent until it ships. (And it will ship if we keep at it.)

Check for more.
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