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ooh, this is so exciting. one person down. only...a few more to eliminate!

now, what happens if it gets down to the final three and nobody is able to guess correctly. like here's a scenario:

skinkie is the killer.
orca wail and huz are the only two remaining players left. neither one of them has a clue whatsoever who the killer is. nobody guesses, and one more person gets eliminated. then obviously orca or huz would know it was skinkie. but by then it's too late. does that mean skinkie wins?

and since we won't do the account thing, then how about the person posts what number they are eliminated (included in the pm) so that if the first person eliminated is late posting it, you wouldn't have to wait around for them to post it and instead you could cut to the next person. and in the pm, the killer says who they've already eliminated (just in case) and the rank that the victim finishes. that way if someone didn't post it and it's time for the next person to post, they say "well, although *such and such a person* didn't say so, apparently they were eliminated before me, and i'm the *number* eliminated." or whatever. it shouldn't be that hard, just including some info in the pm so if someone can't make it on...i mean, you never know when something comes up and people can't make it online.

i don't know. just a suggestion. maybe i'm trying to make this a little too complicated, but i just think it's necessary to take the correct precautions in order to play the game successfully. *shrug*
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