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This is my latest email scream sent at lucascraps:

are we REALLY being heard?

"if we are, then u must have heard that there more than 14,157 (and that number increases by at least 1,000 more people by day...) sam and max fans that would do anything for their new game, and also that there are endless ways to sell the game (online store, preorders taken to finish the games funding, broadband internet selling via credit card payment, etc...)

so, and like so many before me have already said, saying this game isn't marketable is an insanity all along the way, even a jeans salesman (sorry, i had to say it ) like Mr. Nelson could see that his last move is a disastrous one... i mean... jeez!! losing most of your fanbase in one single and pathetic press release...
I bet the next thing he'll announce is that there is a Jar Jar Binks game in development... now that would sell don't you think so Mr. Nelson???"

I wrote it quite fast this time... so maybe some of the words are not the best ones, since english ain't my native language...

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