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I've investigating the problem of using KSE to change to a Jedi on the Endar Spire and getting stuck in the "vision" sequence after the crash landing on Taris.

Here's the sequence of scripts that I believe swkotor.exe goes through:

1. end_pod.utp (Escape pod placeable)
2. end_pod.dlg (dialog of "use the escape pod")
3. k_pend_pod01.ncs (loads the STUNT_00 module)
4. k_pend_pod02.ncs (end_pod.utp OnUsed) (hard to tell what this script does, fade in, fade out, initializations,etc)
5. k_pdialogue.ncs (invisible001.utp OnUsed) (script called by the CutStart object, invokes Jordo.utp and his conversation)
6. Jordo.utp (invisible man)
7. cut00_convers.dlg (Jordo's dialog to initialize the 'vision' sequence)
8. k_ren_visonland.nss (loads the Taris module)
9. tar_m02af.ifo (Taris module loaded)
10. k_pebn_hawk.ncs (invokes the vision initializes the apartement with Carth)

Somehow this chain is getting broken around step 5 because the invisible001.utp doesn't do anything visibly. Unfortunately most of these scripts are compiled and decompiled scripts are hard to read (even you do know assembly). In addition I can't follow how step 4 goes to step 5.

I'm looking for help here from anyone who might be able to figure this out. It doesn't make sense to me how being a Jedi can break this chain.
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