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Originally posted by Thrawn42689
Basically, this mod (no, it's not a TC even if he calls it that) is only useful for broadband users with big hard drives. He just took a whole bunch of skins and maps by other people and tossed them into a big pile.
It's not going to become a "standard." Why? Because the majority of people aren't going to go out of their way to spend 5 hours downloading a bunch of stuff, half of which they probably don't want anyway, that they could easily download from this very website. If two people want to play a custom map, they download it. They don't download the huge "Knights of the Force" file pack that has one or two levels that they actually want in it. I wouldn't.I don't mean to be rude, but that's the truth.
You're wrong I received hundreds of e-mails.lots of starwars fans are waiting to see the project finished and published plus the game will be able to get from the gamer portal sites on cd for who cannot download from the net.and there are lots of skins,mods,scripts and new features that I added to the game.I cannot tell everything but I'll do my best to tell'em here.

lots of models,skins and the errors on the maps are edited as the original ones in the films.the voices og the characters are edited ,too and now they have the original voices just like in the the personal features are added to the bots and npc's(guns,weight,race..)and all the maps are re-edited to have bot support.and they're put in the map selection menu in the starwars chronological queue.and the game is powered with the current mods and the specilites of them are added to the game, there's a menu to play the new sp chapters or the popular mp modes

plus the gaming portals which I have contacted are going to set servers by using this expansion.the starwars fans who has this expansion will be able to play with the film characters and ind the film places .and they're going to have a different taste than the jedi the game will be updated in time...

the expansion includes all the starwars characters so you can use dark team vs. light team instead of red-blue team.dark team will include the darksiders and the light team will include the jedi's and the rebels so there will be more enjoyful clan matches

this expansion is just a fanmade thing and if you play the game just to get rid of stress and kill someone on the net you don'T need the expansion.and I think you download skins and modes by your playing the matrix in jedi knight.but if you want to feel that you're in the starwars universe with jedi academy you will love the expansion.of course everyone doesn't have to like the expansion.the aim of this expansion is the starwars fans who wants to play the game like this.I respect the thoughts off all...

................TOTAL CONVERSION OF JEDI KNIGHT SERIES..............

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