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Originally posted by Boba Rhett
He probably, just as a natural reaction, uses his powers to keep himself alive as long as possible, even if it means loosing body parts and such.
Powers that have never manifested themselves before now? Personally, I wasn't impressed with his "powers" in Episode 2 (it's obvious he suffers from an extreme lack of concentration), and I imagine that if he were to fall into the searing pain would be too great to allow for concentration of any kind (assuming he could even survive for long enough to concentrate - I'll get to that in a second).

Originally posted by Chase Windu
Well how else would you explain Vader being mostly machine and using a respirator?
Taking a dip in lava is the only way to get there, you think?

Originally posted by Glaive v.1
i was think bout this, he may not have fallen right into it, he could have fallen on the side and the heat would have been enough to burn ani really badly
Indeed, that's a more likely scenario, if you want to believe the "lava" theory.

When lava is flowing, its average temperature is 1300-1500 degrees Centigrade (or roughly 2350-2750 degrees Farenheit).
To put that in perspective, cast iron melts at about 2100 degrees Farenheit and steel melts at roughly 2700 degrees. The human body is made up of considerably weaker stuff, and Jedi are no exception. The only thing that would possibly survive if Anakin were to fall into an active lava flow would be his mechanical hand.

However, by the time his body hit the lava, he'd likely be unconscious from the extreme heat and fumes and before he even hit the surface his bodily fluids would be boiling (his brain would be literally be boiling in his skull).

I don't have an alternative theory to give you in place of the ridiculous "lava" theory - all I can say is that if GL expects people to swallow that load of bull dung then he's off his rocker.

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