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Ok... been doing a little more investigation.

When you leave the Endar Spire (Click on "Use the escape pod"), first you get the movie that shows the pod launch and then crash land on Taris.

This plays no matter what.

Then what's supposed to happen is you get a series of cut-scene like deals in sort of a slideshow. It goes something like this:

1. Click on escape pod
2. select dialogue choice (assumption is you choose to use pod here)
3. see pod cutscene
3a. (the error happens here if gender is not male or female - or if class is other than the starting 3)
4. see a "restless sleep" cutscene - this is the same one you see right before you see any of the visions.
5. see the first "Bastila vs. Revan" cutscene
6. see the "you waking up" cutscene - starts similar to 4 above, but then you stand up and look around.
7. Carth Initiates Dialogue with you - as far as I can tell, this dialoogue has no options or branches that seem to change based on class or on gender.

Now then.. as I said, the problem seems to be between 3 and 4 no matter which is altered (gender or class). I believe the reason is because the game plays a slightly different animation for males and females. Presumably, this might also be altered based on class. The differences are pretty minor, so that's hard to tell, but if you make a quicksave right at the pod, then go through the sequence once as female and once as male, you can see some slight changes.

The eyes are, for lack of a better way to put it, closed tighter for the male, and the actual positioning and angle of the head are slightly different. If you actually use a female model but alter gender to male, your head clips into the pillow too much.

Soooo.. obviously there's a script firing after the escape pod cutscene that's checking for a gender, but gets confused if it doesn't get a result that tests positive for either male or female.

Presumably, since the error happens in the same location, that script (or another called from the same place) also checks for class, but since it's at such an early point in the game, it doesn't understand what to do if it finds anything other than Scout, Scoundrel, or Soldier.

I haven't dug down into the module files yet, but I wanted to at least get these results out there so they can help as you try to nail this down.


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