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Originally posted by Kitty Kitty

But as I don't use the Revan mod, I haven't specifically tested that. But then again, if you're already going to use the Revan mod anyway, why would you want to bother changing your class with the save editor?

Using the Darth Revan mod is an alternate solution I found. But for the benefit of others who are using the KSE only, it could be a problem. Furthermore, the KSE is a very interesting tool with more flexibility than the Darth Revan mod and you can customize your entire party whenever you want.

As for the class change problem, I will verify. I used the editor more than once (not only on the Endar Spire) and I remember trying to change class on Tatoine when the problem first occured. I would have been multi-class at that time. But as I mentionned, I don't want to mislead anyone and I will verify. It could well be something else because I was trying other stuff as well at that time.
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