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Originally posted by Amidala from Chop Shop
=X=Master HeX, the author of xMod2, has made a cool web-based server.cfg file generator that calculates force and weapon disable values for you (correct for Jedi Academy, not JK2):
Thanks fo the URL it looks good. It seems to be the same info (force and weapon wise) that i have.

Originally posted by Kurgan
I believe the email notification thing is periodically turned off, due to the incredible strain it places on the forums server.

So it would be no surprise if it was turned off again.

As to the PM notification it works for me, as long as I'm logged in when I refresh I'll get a notification of a new PM.

However I don't get PM's notifiying me of topic replies, so that is probably turned off.

About the best you can do is to subscribe to threads (assuming that isn't off too) or else to simply "search for new posts" when you first login. More time consuming, but it works.
I was having a slight problem with my email, so I was wondering if it was disbaled or I just didn't get it for some reason. I got the IM email notification so I assumed the post email notification was disabled.... just wasn't sure.

It makes sense to disable post email notification. When I tested it the IM email notification was working, not sure if it still is or not.

These would be 2 images if they were showing up properly... I'm not sure what the problem is.

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