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I can't believe we're arguing over something neither of us has a clue even happens or how it happens so I'll just justify my assumption with something smart assy.

Here it is: He doesn't need to concentrate when he's being fueled by hate. Hate is what fuels them, after all. His hate keeps him alive in the lava. Who made you pope o' SW town and said he can only use powers that he used in the other movies? Much less what extent of those powers are? Why couldn't he save himself? Actually, Palpy saves him so maybe his powers have a hand in it too? Who knows? I sure don't and you sure as hell don't either. Nobody knows yet! You're riding the whole lava theory off because of limits that you have set on everything.

We can't really even argue about this until we see exactly what happens to him and by then, we'll also see how he survives. So arguing over this is about as productive as nailing my genitals to drywall.

I'm going to go find some drywall now. I'll see you when episode III comes out.
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