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Originally posted by Chase Windu
Lava pits are cool. Just take a look at LotR. There was a lava pit in there and that part was cool.
At the end of Terminator 2 there was something equally as hot as lava and that scene was pretty f***ing awesome.
And in both of those cases, what happened to the characters that touched the lava? Keep in mind that even Gollum's fall into the lava was stretched out beyond the limits of physics - he would've melted much faster (but hey, it's Hollywood... err, New Zealand).

Originally posted by Boba Rhett I'll just justify my assumption with something smart assy.
Just so long as you're prepared for my retort...

Here it is: He doesn't need to concentrate when he's being fueled by hate. Hate is what fuels them, after all. His hate keeps him alive in the lava.
Incredible - I never knew that hate could keep you alive when all physical traces of your body have been melted away. And why shouldn't it? It worked so well for the Emperor when he took a nose dive into that Death Star shaft that Vader chucked him into. His awesome powers saved him from his gruesome death there. Or wait, was it his hate? I'm confused.
Who made you pope o' SW town and said he can only use powers that he used in the other movies? Much less what extent of those powers are? Why couldn't he save himself?
If you must know, it was GL and the Continuity Brothers.
Actually, Palpy saves him so maybe his powers have a hand in it too?
Ah yes, Palpy's powers. They helped him out greatly when he was plummeting to his death down that shaft, as I've already pointed out above.
Who knows? I sure don't and you sure as hell don't either. Nobody knows yet! You're riding the whole lava theory off because of limits that you have set on everything.
I readily admit that I don't know, but I'd like to think that GL wouldn't be totally lame and go with some explanation that was created in the late 70's / early 80's which everyone and their brother has already heard about. The "lava theory" is the Star Wars version of an urban legend. GL knows that everyone has heard it and besides - when was the last time he did something that everyone expected?

I hope your drywall procedure is productive.

Originally posted by dark jedi 8
this is the star wars universe remember, normal physics and such dont really aply as they do in our constricting universe.
The SW universe has actually been fairly good at basing their physics on real-world physics, which lends credibility and makes the movies all the more believeable. I really can't see GL making such a drastic departure from the way he's handled things over the last 5 episodes, but time will tell.

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