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Hmm. You talking to me Jackel.
maybe. The thing is I gave Jolee guardian class and he had lots of force powers and he was only lvl 17. I'll try it again and report back.

EDIT: OK I fragged 2 more saves one that I now wish I had Backed up and the other was a quick save.

So what I did was load an clean save game(no mods at all) and then I quicksaved it to try out kse on. Well I gave candorous jedi guardian class and attempted to add force powers, but they would not add so I wanted to if I could change his soldier class to guardian and add force powers there, but i deleted the soldier class.So i thought If I just close the program and reload it the save would be back to normal as I didn't even save it although I did apply the changes.

When kse reloaded the quick would not open, and so I thought I ould just do the same thing again but for some reason the save That I did NOT edit was Fragged. and even stranger the quike save would load but my crew was gone.

So I quite the game and was about to post this when a thought struck me(i won't bother with details) I tried to load the quick save and my entire system froze I had to hit reset I shouldn't have been surprized about that.

Anyway to sum up some when I closed kse in the middle of editing a quicksaveI killed that save plus the save that it was saved from.

but the other thing also is that when I gave candorous Jedi guardian Class i could not add force powers. I didn't try anyone else but that didn't work.

ok enough of my rambling. there is my report of an unsuccessful edit. Did I do something wrong

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