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You need 1.6 version of BF1942 in order to play GC.

I just downloaded it and tried almost every map for the exception of the Task Force map and the Bespin one.
Ok...that wasn't THAT much fun. SOOOOO MUCH LAG ON TANAAB! YOU CAN'T AIM!
The Mod lags like hell(seriously) even with everything toned down. The only map that impressed me seriously is the ISD Judicator one. It was quite some fun and making everyone start with only a pistol is such a great idea!
Other then that, the other maps are either too large to be fun(Hoth, Tatooine) or too laggy(Tanaab).

They badly managed the space maps, 'cause if you go too "low" you crash...wth?! It's space...

Anyway, it could have been way better. Needs some better map design. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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