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Originally posted by Kitty Kitty
Hold up a sec Goran,

We weren't saying that the romance mod broke anything.

The problem is if you use KSE to hack your save game and actually set yourself to be both genders - which while similar, is NOT what the romance mod does - breaks the game.

Well, it doesn't "break" it, but it causes a problem in some places.. the first of which being between the Endar Spire and Taris.

It will also happen if you use the editor to make your ORIGINAL class anything but the 3 you can choose at character creation.

I know the problem is in a check in a script someplace.. the trouble is figuring out a way around it, since most of them aren't available as source - just compiled versions. =/

Some where I missed a paragraph. Must not have had my coffee yet or something lol.

I meant to say that, to by pass the gender prob, I was using an outside gender mod.

I haven't tinkered with the NPC non Jedi's as far as powers go.
But I did give everyone in the group all feats possible.
I am gonna run through it again with the new editor, and see if i can have the full party as Jedi's.

All though I did not give my non jedi's any jedi powers, I did use the editor on all the Jedi's, including my main char once I got trained as a guardian, to give them all the powers possible, and completed both light and dark sides with no ill effect.

Has anyone tried this editor out yet?
Can I get Jedi powers at the very begining, with out having to worry about the cut scene?

and BTW if I haven't said it before TK, I appreciate all the hard work and effort you have put into this.
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