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Originally posted by Mongo05
I know, thrawn is pissing me off....He thinks that TMU is all that but you know what! they dont even have any progress and i bet the whole mod is gonna be abandoned in a few months....I think Tim has been working very hard on this mod and has a lot to offer.......

This mod will actually come out and will actaully entertain people. Tim did a lot more than use other peoples work..There are NEw bot systems and all other sorts...Get your game strait thrawn because it doesnt seem like youre in the right one.
Do you mod? Do you know which aspects of modding take practice and hard work and which don't? Do you know anything about intellectual copyright laws and the legality of using other people's work without permission? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then shut up and leave me alone. I know you're big fan of this whole thing for reasons I can't comprehend, but that doesn't give you the right to flame me.

Tim, your explanation helped a lot, and I see what you're trying to do. It would work for RPG, to some extent. I'm glad you have a sizable fanbase as well (lets hope most of them are a bit more pleasant people than our buddy "Mongo" there). But I was wondering, what if somebody wants to play some of the levels with a mod? If your project really is a mod, they wouldn't be able to load any other mods. That wouldn't be too much fun--so are you going to release it as a pack version as well, so that people can play with third-party mods?

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