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Wow what band is that, tk102?

You actually don't delete the startinglist entries. Just add one more (for cut00_convers.dlg that would be #6) and for the active field, leave that blank. That would then be the default. For the Index DWORD, just put any valid entries, say 2. That might screwed up the cut scene a little but that wouldn't be a big problem.

k_tall returns true if the PC is a male soldier, false otherwise. If k_tall is true then StartList entry 0 will fire, calling EntryList 10 (read from Index field) , which then calls ReplyList 10(read from EntryList 10->RepliesList ->Index field), which then runs k_ren_visionland (read from ReplyList 10->Script) [and also calls EntryLists 11 and so on].

Your suggestion also works: if we remove k_tall from the active field of StartList 0 then this branch will fire if all other branch's ACTIVE field script returns false. This should also solve the problem.

Hope this makes sense
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